5 Cheap Ways to Increase
Your Curb Appeal

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You probably want your home to look its best when people are walking or driving by, but boosting curb appeal can be expensive. Fortunately, it does not have to be if you try these five cheap options for improving the curb appeal for your property.

1. Pressure Wash Your Home

First of all, if your home is dirty, it does not look its best. Hiring a pressure washing company to come in and clean the outside of your home, or even renting a pressure washer yourself so that you can do the job on your own, is a great way to get rid of dirt and mildew. Along with cleaning the outside of your house, you can also use a pressure washer or pressure washing service to clean your fence, picnic table, deck, outdoor storage building, swing set, and more. Pressure washing services generally aren't very expensive, and a rental can be quite affordable if you only rent it for a day or a weekend.

2. Buy a New Mailbox

If your existing mailbox looks old and outdated, consider purchasing a new one for added curb appeal. Another option is to purchase an affordable mailbox cover that is personalized in a fun color or pattern or that features your initials.

3. Paint Your Front Door

Many people are now painting their front door in an exciting and unique color. It's a great way to grab attention, add curb appeal and make your home look unique. Plus, it can make your front door a lot more warm and welcoming for your guests.

4. Plant Cheap Flowers

It's true that landscaping can be expensive, but flower seeds are generally quite cheap and can be grown relatively easily with a little bit of time and patience. You can also purchase cheap, pre-grown flowers like impatiens to plant around your mailbox and around the front entry of your home. Any type of flowers are bound to liven up a dreary lawn.

5. Add Mulch

If you want to fill in the gaps in your landscaping without having to spend a ton of money, consider adding mulch. You can purchase mulch by the truckload and distribute it around the perimeter of your home and in any other area that you think could use a pop of color.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can improve your home's curb appeal, all without spending a ton of money. Try one or all five of these tips, and you're sure to see a difference in the look of your home in no time. Contact a professional from a real estate agency like Roger Deines Real Estate Group ReeceNichols for more information and tips.