Several Hacks for Cleaning
Your Home in Less Than an Hour

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Cleaning your home and keeping it clean can sometimes be really tedious, but if you do it regularly and if you focus on doing it responsibly and planned out, you will soon notice that it will take you less time each time you do it. However, you need to stay systematic and you must be thorough otherwise you will not be doing a good job, which might lead to having to redo parts of your home you already cleaned up. Remember that cleaning a little bit every day will help you avoid having to do a full-blown cleaning session.

Get rid of clutter

I found that when it comes to cleaning, I am really distracted by having to get rid of clutter all the time. If you manage to remove clutter in your home in a timely manner and if you find where everything should be, it will be easy to start cleaning. However, remember that in order to avoid clutter it is best to pack away things you might not need at the moment; a bit of struggle every now and then will help your with reducing your cleaning time even more.

Dusting away

Before you start dusting your home, make sure that you work out a plan where to start which you should follow. I found that not only does it make it easier to follow, so that you know where you have been already, but you can systematically remove dust from your home by collecting it all in one place. Moreover, make sure that you dust away lightly and that you use microfiber cloths as they can collect dust and make sure that you do not just move it form one place to another.

You can vacuum more than just your floors

To fully utilize your vacuum, make sure that you use it for more than just vacuuming your floors. You will realize just how easy it will be later on to clean up when you do not have to deal with built-up dust and grime in your home. Moreover, vacuum every other day will help you in keep your home in check and cleaned without having to do it too often; but make sure that you do not skip hard to reach places, as they can collect a lot of dust and dirt.

The power of water

Sometimes dust and dirt will get really stubborn, and in order to get rid of it, it will be necessary to use something stronger than just a duster and a vacuum cleaner. To truly get rid of dirt without having to use harsh chemicals, make sure you use a really efficient, strong device (I tried the polti steam cleaner and didn’t regret it). A steam cleaner will be able to remove dirt without having to use harsh chemicals; and it will only use water which is not going to leave any mark behind after use.

The greatest cleaning tip

To be able to clean your home in less than an hour, it is very important that you stick with your plan, and that you do a little bit every day, so that you do not let dust and dirt pile up. Of course it will be required that you have a full cleaning session from time to time, but your home will be splendidly clean in the meantime and you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort on it. If you organize your time well, you will clean your home in no time flat.