Six Furnishings Which Will
Increase Your
Home's Resale Value

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There are many things that homeowners do to increase the value of their home when they are trying to sell it. Repairs, upgrades and modernizations are all things that buyers think about when preparing their home to sell, but they often do not think how their furnishing will affect the resale value of their home. There are many different furnishing options that can increase a home's resale value and allow buyers to see the potential of the home.

Comfortable, Clean Couches
When buyers step into a living or family room and see a furniture that is old and worn out, they can be immediately turned off to the entire house. A new set of couches is a small investment that will show buyers the potential of the living room.

A Master Bed that Fits
Even if you love having a king sized bed, it might not fit correctly with the size of your master bedroom. Invest in a smaller bed to make the room look bigger.

Keep it Neutral
Extra bedrooms in the house can be great for office space, a child's room or a guest room. Keep your extra bedroom furniture neutral to show buyers that the room is able to be used for many purposes. An Orleans customer furniture designer advises choosing classic, clean-lined furniture for these rooms. These pieces are versatile can be used by your home's next owners.

Invest in Storage
Storage containers do not always have to be big, bulky plastic tubs. If you are still living in the home, purchase storage furniture that will allow you to keep things such as children's toys and knick-knacks safely put away while potential buyers are looking.

Bathroom Space
If your bathroom is cluttered with beauty products, toothpaste and extra rolls of toilet paper, you should consider storage space in your bathroom. An over-the-toilet stand alone cabinet is a great way to add value to your home without investing much money.

Make it Real
A surefire way to impress potential buyers is to have real-wood, handmade furniture through your home. Easy ways to incorporate this into your home without costly upgrades is simply get a handmade table or chairs for your dining room or kitchen.

Whether you are preparing to sell or are just not sure why your house isn't selling, it is a good idea to invest in furnishings that will help improve the value of your home. These furnishings will make a lasting impression on buyers and help them understand how the home will look when they live there.

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