Moving In? 6 Signs You
Found the Right Community

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When moving to a new community, it can be exciting to find a neighborhood and area that you want to feel at home in. However it can also be a terrifying experience for some people, especially for those that don’t like change. It is a fear of the unknown. You wonder if you will have nice neighbors. Is the neighborhood quiet? Is the crime rate low?  For many people, it can be difficult to determine just how much they'll enjoy an area until the moving truck pulls up. For a few signs that you've found the right community, there are several things to look for when you arrive that will help put your mind at ease.

1. Kids are Playing Outside

If you see kids playing sports and games outdoors, then it's a good sign that the community is close-knit and safe. It means that you won't have to fear running to the store or going outdoors at night once you settle in. It is also a good indicator that the crime rate in your community is either very low or non-existent. Hopefully, know this will make you and anyone else that may be living with you feel safer. Peace of mind when moving into an unknown community is a beautiful thing.

2. The Neighbors Introduce Themselves

The most welcoming communities are those that have neighbors that introduce themselves and are interested in getting to know your family. This is common in many Utah communities for a family-friendly environment that enjoys making friends with those on the block and periodically borrowing a cup of sugar.

3. Plenty of Employment Opportunities

To maintain employment and have more opportunities, there should be plenty of jobs available in the area with a low unemployment rate. There should be few foreclosures in the community and households that seem to be thriving for a place that offers stability.

4. Mom and Pop Shops

Look for a community that takes pride in its history and has plenty of mom and pop shops still established. This will make it easy to live in less of a commercialized area that still honors small businesses. This also means that the town has been around a long time. It is also a sign that the community is very tight knit and united. It is a sign that everyone is friendly and willing to help their neighbors.

5. The Community is Growing

If you see construction on new buildings or track homes that will be built on specific lots, then it's a good sign that the community is growing. This will increase your home's value, as well as welcome more stores and restaurants in the area.

6. A Relaxed Culture

Cities with lower levels of stress are happier, making it important to look for a relaxed culture. The streets should have low levels of traffic and people should seem courteous and patient when on the road.

To find the right community that you can call home, there are several signs to look for that hint at a thriving city that is safe and close-knit. By finding a positive place to live in that has great residents, it will make for a happy place to settle down in for many years to come.