Moving into a New Home
Without a Hitch

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Moving is both an exciting and exhausting event that requires a lot of time and attention. To ease the stress of this exciting new life event, follow these six tips to make the whole process move more smoothly.

Clearly Label Boxes

You will obviously need to pack many boxes to move all of your items into your new house; chances are these items will look exactly the same. Hereís where labeling comes in handy. Write the room these items will go into on the outside of the box, divide your items based upon what room they go into, and write a general description of each box's contents. This will make the unpacking process move much more smoothly.

Store Other Items

There may be some items in your old house that donít work in the decor of your new place or you donít have any use for now, but are too valuable or sentimental for you to throw away. You should store these items with a company like Smart Stop self storage, who will give you secure place to store items that are important for you to hold onto for the future. Smart Stop self storage, or other companies like Public Storage, offer affordable prices on monthly rent.

Keep Boxes Light

The heavier your boxes are, the more strain and sweat you will exude throughout the moving and unpacking process. Keep your boxes lightóno more then 40 to 50 pounds each. Items that are larger and weigh more should be moved individually. You should also purchase or rent a dolly on wheels so that you can pile boxes atop each other and move them from place to place in fewer trips.

Get Rid of Stuff

Part of the move is starting fresh, so it may be a good idea to purge a number of items from your old house and not take them with you. Have a massive moving sale which will make you some extra money for your big move. Give away anything that wouldn't sell and receive a tax write off from the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You will have plenty of time to gather new items in your new home.

Get the Kids Out of Your Hair

While older teenagers can lift and help you move, younger kids will only distract you, take up some of your time and get in the way. So itís a good idea to send them to a friend or family memberís house on the big moving days, so you can concentrate on completing the job efficiently and quickly.

Take Regular Breaks

While you want to get the moving process done rapidly, you also need to take regular breaks as you move everything in and set up. Make sure that you take a break at least once every five hours and eat a meal, as hunger and energy depletion will result from continuous work. Stick to these tips and complete your move without a hitch.