Moving out of Your First House?
What to Look for in a Home Upgrade

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The purchase of your first home is a satisfying, self-defining experience that you'll remember forever. Yet, upgrading to a nicer place is even more gratifying. Be sure to look for features that you already enjoy, along with the perks that you've always wanted. Keeping these criteria in-mind, along with the location of the new property relative to work, school and entertainment, will make the process as successful as possible.

Keep Favorite Features

You may have bought your first home because it had a nice-sized master bedroom, or because it had a great room with lots of natural light. Whatever drew you to your first home doesn't have to be sacrificed during your new home search. Rather, you can look for an upgrade that personifies what you like about your existing place. Doing so will make the move easier for you and the other members of your family.

Find Room to Grow

When buying a home, it's important to consider the room you'll need five, ten or even 15 years down the road. If you're planning on starting a family or expanding the one you already have, the square footage of the home, along with the lot size, are key factors to consider. You'll need to focus on everything from the number of bedrooms in the house to suitable areas outside for swings and everything in between.
Having extra room also makes it easier to host parties and be social, which is also a good reason to consider larger spaces. Make sure to let a real estate agent, like those from Wellman Team Real Estate, about your plans for future growth in your family so that they can take it into consideration when helping you to find your next home.

Pick the Right Location

Your daily commute, and proximity of your home to schools and grocery stores, directly impact your quality of life. For this reason, it's important to gauge the location of your new home and determine how much time you'll have to be with your family outside of work. If you want to be your own boss and start a side business, you'll need to live close enough to work that your commute is short. Having time outside of work is the key to living a fuller life.

Upgrading to your next home is an exciting process that may seem overwhelming at first, but it can be quite satisfying, if you follow your plan. Make sure that you get the features you’ll need now and in the future, so you can maximize the utility of your new home. Your family will appreciate it over the long run.