Keep Or Chuck Your Stuff?
4 Tips For Preparing To Move

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The fewer things that you have to move, the less time it takes to complete your transition from your current place to your new one. However, it isn't realistic to simply throw all of your stuff out prior to a move. How do you know what you should keep and what may be alright to get rid of?

How Easy Would an Item Be to Replace?

The reason why you take your couch, bed and other large pieces of furniture is because they are expensive to replace. Furthermore, these are things that you need on the first day that you move into your new place. However, items such as old sweatshirts or posters that you haven't looked at in years could be candidates for the trash bin.

Have You Been Looking to Downsize Anyway?

If you are thinking about downsizing, you may be able to get rid of both large and small items alike. For instance, if you don't have room for a second couch, you can simply sell it or put it on the curb before you move. The same may be true for clothes in the second closet that you don't have room for in your new home.

Do You Have to Move Items Yourself?

Most people choose to leave items behind or simply throw them out because they don't want to move them. However, if you have a professional moving company, like the professionals at Walsh Moving & Storage, helping you it may be more appealing to keep the extra dresser or any other item that you would otherwise throw out. Moving vans tend to be larger, which means that you don't have to make multiple trips or throw something out because it won't fit in your rental truck.

Could You Donate the Item Instead?

In some cases, you have options beyond either keeping or throwing out your stuff. For instance, you may want to donate a collection of shoes that you never wear or an old suit to those who may need them for job interviews. Depending on who you donate the items to, you may be entitled to a tax deduction.

Moving can be an overwhelming event because you have so much stuff to transport from one place to the next. While you can't get rid of everything, taking stock of what you may not need can help you get organized and require fewer trips to move your things to your new place.