Tips for a Successful Open House?

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An open house as part of your selling strategy can have significant advantages. You give lots of prospective buyers the opportunity to see your house firsthand, and you alert other real estate agents to direct their buyers to your property. An open house also forces you as a home seller to showcase the best parts of your property.

To prepare for your open house, consider dividing the work into three parts: 1) advertising; 2) staging; and 3) promotional strategies, including takeaway promotional materials.

The Advantage of Postcards

For both advertising and promotional materials, flyer's or postcards from Overnight Prints work perfectly as leave-behinds in mailboxes and on front doors or as takeaway promotional materials on your kitchen counter during the open house.

Postcards, in fact, are a cost-efficient way to convey a message quickly and memorably. With an open house especially, prospective buyers are looking to find convenient ways to differentiate and hold onto the information about properties they’re visiting. Postcards are a terrific way to let visitors know you’re thinking of their needs.

Now, the Advertising Tactics and Staging

With postcards as part of your strategy, you need to figure out your other advertising tactics. Since attracting prospects is the most critical task, think as broadly as you can. Post on Craigslist and all local real estate sites. Search for specific websites that cater to the audience and demographic you want to reach. Put it on RealTracs or other appropriate industry boards. Let your neighbors know about your open house so they can tell their friends and acquaintances.

Staging — redecorating as inexpensively as possible to maximize space and room-to-room flow and to create an unmistakably inviting atmosphere — shouldn't be done elaborately or with vivid colors. Keep the palette and the décor neutral so buyers can imagine their life, not yours, in the home. Some basic truths about staging include:

  • Cleaning a door or a window is much less expensive than replacing it. If your shower doors are caked with soap scum or have mold, simply mix equal amounts water and bleach in a spray bottle.
  • Repainting is another inexpensive way to spruce up any room.
  • A trendy bathroom sink, such as a pedestal sink, can reel in buyers. A pedestal sink shows off how much floor space your bathroom has.
  • Make sure your master bedroom’s décor appeals to both genders.

Don't Forget About Promotional Materials

For your promotional materials in addition to postcard takeaways, suggests you put a binder with visuals and information about your home together. Buyers should be able to view the book — with color photos, a legal description of your property, a record of your utility bills, service repairs on appliances staying in the home and termite inspection, and the seller notice of condition — during the tour.

Extra Tips:

A real estate agent or another knowledgeable third party should be in the home during the open house to answer questions. Pour a little vanilla onto aluminum foil and place in the oven on 200 degrees. Your house will smell like chocolate cookies.

Advertising, staging and promotional materials are critical to the success of an open house. With just a little planning, you can be ready to receive those potential buyers.