4 Tips For Selling Your Home
In The Winter

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Selling a home in the winter months may seem like an impossible task. The snow and the cold in most climates generally dissuades people from moving until the spring or summer months. However, there are tactics that you can use to get your home off the market during one of the slowest times for real estate.

Offer Incentives To Buyers

Buyers may be willing to check out a property if they can get a $100 gift card for closing on the property in the next 30 days. They may also be willing to take a long look at a property where the appliances are included or sellers concessions may be offered. Agreeing to put on a new roof or take care of other major projects may also compel a buyer to make an offer.

Price The House Below Market Value

Those who are in the market to buy a home will always be attracted to properties priced below market value. This may be especially true in competitive markets where affordable homes are harder to come by. Pricing below market value may allow a buyer to obtain equity in the home as soon as it is purchased, which may make a listing even more attractive.

Emphasize The Cozy

If you live in a colder climate, buyers are going to see how the house looks and feels when the bad weather strikes. This is important because it gives a homeowner the chance to show off that new furnace or how cozy the home feels when the fireplace is in use. It may also be a good idea to talk about how the siding or the recently updated roof help to make the house feel warm no matter how cold it gets outside.

Listen To Your Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent, like those at Dee Evans Group, could be a great way to sell your home. However, the expertise of an agent only matters if you listen to that person’s advice. By listening and taking advice, it may increase the odds that you sell your home and do so for near the top of the market range.

Selling your home in the winter months can be done if you are smart about the process. Pricing below market value, offering incentives and taking advice from your agent may help you get your home off the market quickly. This may then allow you to downsize or otherwise move on from your current property.