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Home Selling Checklist

what's on this page
The checklist summarizes in quick bullets the home selling process. Use the checklist to quickly reference information you need about listing, showing and selling your home.


Page Topics :

  1. analyze your reasons to sell
  2. when is the best time to sell
  3. select selling method
  4. get your home's value
  5. get your home ready
  6. showing your home
  7. negotiate the sale
  8. closing and settlement
  9. what's next after the sale
  10. print this checklist page
  11. home selling step map

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Analyze Your Reason for Selling

Why sell your home? It could be because you are:

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When is the Best Time to Sell

The best to sell can vary by region and time.

If you are in a "sellers market" and situated in a good location, you will have no problem selling your home at or above the market price.

If you are in a "buyers market", it might take some creative presentation to get interested parties to make an offer.

There are different selling strategies depending on your market and timing.

View timing issues when selling a home:
Step2: timing your home sale

View market and economic issues:
Step2: market and economic timing of your home sale

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Select the Method for Selling Your Home

You need to decide how you want to sell your home. Your selling options include:

  1. sell your home using the services of an agent
  2. sell your home by yourself (i.e., FSBO)
  3. combination strategy: FSBO and buying agent

    Step2: view pros and cons on which method


Issues to consider:

about using an agent

if you select agent services:
Step2: what service agents provide

need to find an agent?
click here

about going FSBO

if you select FSBO:
Step2: get information about going FSBO

get FSBO services and supplies:
view FSBO services

listing your home for sale:
tap into the MLS and others to list your home

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Get the Market Value of Your Home

Estimating your home's value

What's it worth?

order your personal
home and neighborhood valuation report

sample property reports:

  • complete property valuation
  • recent sales report
  • comparable sales
  • subject property report

    view sample reports:
    enter address-zip

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Get Your Home Ready for the Sale

Be ready to make very good first impressions.

Before listing your house, take some time to spruce up the place to maximize the value and timing of your home sale.

We are talking about needed repairs, cleaning up, perhaps painting a room, landscaping the yard, etc.

What's needed to get your home ready:
Step3: view our "getting-the-home-ready" tips

Make very good "first impressions":
Step3: view our "first impressions" home selling guide

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Showing Your Home

Your showing will be the most stressful time in your home selling experience.

We are talking about:

  1. open houses
  2. scheduled showings
  3. individual showings
  4. online showings
  5. other


If you are working with an agent,
your agent will arrange and manage your home showings.

If you are working FSBO, you will need to arrange and manage many of these tasks.

Step4: We have information on how to manage home showings

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Negotiate the Sale of Your Home

Your goal is to maximize your asking price. Understand how the offering process works:

  1. all about the legal stuff
  2. what legal disclosures forms are needed
  3. all about the real estate contract
  4. what you should know before accepting the offer
  5. negotiating the contract

    Step5: go to: Home Selling Contract Negotiations

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Closing and Settlement

The final step is closing the offer and settling the title transfer and ownership to the home buyer.

Notes on Home Closing and Settlement:
Step6: go to: Closing and Settlement

There will be seller closing costs:
Step6: go to: Review Closing Costs

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What's Next After Your Home is Sold

Now that your home is sold, what's next?

  1. Are you MOVING to a new area?
    view Our Comprehensive Relocation Center
  2. Are you BUYING a new home?
    view Our Home Buying Guide
  3. Are you BUILDING a new home?
    view Our Home Building Center

And don't forget, we have a nationwide network of lenders who can help you with your next home purchase:

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