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selecting your selling method

Agent vs. FSBO

You need to decide which method you will use to sell your option. You have 3 options:

  1. Agent Services:
    you can use the services of an agent to market and sell your home. They will do all of the work for you plus connect you to their expansive network of brokers respresenting home buyers. The only negative is that is will cost you to use their services. Fees can range from 6%-9% of the closing price of your home.

  2. FSBO Services:
    if you have the time and expertise, you can sell your home on your own to save on real estate fees — which can be considerable depending on your closing price. You will need to understand the process, make yourself available at all times to market and show your home, and most importantly, get connected to network of home buyers.

  3. Discount Brokerage:
    these services provide limited agent services — mainly access to the buyers network and providing you guidance and tools to do FSBO type management. The fees charges are much lower thant full service brokers. But you will be responsible for showing your home, negotiating the offer, and managing the closing.

The method you choose will depend on the market you live under. If you are in a buyers market, the use of agent services may be most appropriate if you need to sell your home within a reasonable time frame. If you are living in a seller's market, you might consider FSBO services to save on agent fees.

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