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Making Those First Impressions

Imagine What the Buyer Sees First
when they approach and enter your home for viewing. You need to make a "good first impression" so that the buyer will view your home seriously to make an offer.


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First Impressions

Every buyer is different. There is not one single thing you can do to increase your chances of "making-the-sale" to every buyer.

Some buyers will like how you decorated your home, others will not. Some will expect a landscaped yard, others won't care. So don't stress yourself on trying to please every buyer.

There is however a common path that most home buyers will take when considering a home purchase. Focus on this common path and you will likely increase your chances of making-the-sale.

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Home Buying Review Path

First, the buyer will make a drive by. If they like what they see, they will ask to tour the home.

making-the-sale impression

  • clean up your yard
  • mow and trim the lawn
  • remove dead limbs from trees
  • prune the shrubs
  • mend any fences or other outside structures
  • strategically place a planted pot with flowers around the yard

    There is nothing you can do about the neighborhood. But if a neighbor's yard is untidy at the time you are showing the home, especially during a weekend show, ask your neighbor or even volunteer your services to make it nice.

    view our outside yard plan
    for landscaping and gardening idea
    links to our home improvement center


Second, the buyer coming for a visit will walk up to the front entry to enter the home.

During this walk, they will pay particular attention to home exterior.

making-the-sale impression

  • paint the woodwork if needed
  • clean the gutters
  • polish the exterior lighting posts and lamps
  • wash down the siding if necessary
  • clean the front entry
  • polish the front door and brass
  • place a potted plant at the entry
  • prune the front shrubs
  • make sure the landscaping looks nice; i.e., weeded, trimmed, all dead plantings removed, etc.

    viewour exterior home plan for ideas
    links to our home improvement center


The buyer will stand a few minutes in the entry way while receiving instructions / reviews / etc. from the agent or home owner.

making-the-sale impression

  • open up the entry way
  • remove all clutter
  • place a potted plant by the entry way
  • open the hall closet door, remove everything from the closet except for 2-3 garments

    view our home entry plan for ideas
    links to our home improvement center


The kitchen will be the most important room on the tour.

making-the-sale impression

  • remove everything from the counter except a center piece
  • straighten the cupboards; leave excess room in each cupboard
  • lay a clean sheet of shelving paper
  • double clean the stove and refrigerator, paying particular attention to edges and crannies
  • clean the counters and sinks, removing all stains and polishing all brass
  • scrub the floor

  • if your kitchen has a nice feature such as a water filter, a great window view, bar stool counters, etc., make sure you note that with a placard or flyer — in other words, promote your kitchen

    view our kitchen area for ideas
    links to our home improvement center


The master bedroom is another key selling point.

making-the-sale impression

  • clean away everything from behind and under the bed
  • remove clutter from bedroom dressers and nightstands
  • recycle old magazines and arrange them nicely in a magazine rack.
  • put clean sheets on the bed; clean the the bed spread and decorative pillows

  • make a special effort to straighten out the closets
  • make some empty space on the shelves
  • hang clothes individually with some space between each garment

  • if the bedroom has a nice feature such as vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, etc., promote it with a placard or flyers tacked to the wall or door.

    view our bedroom area for ideas
    links to our home improvement center


Bathrooms are key selling areas.

making-the-sale impression

  • bleach the tub, shower stall, basins, toilets
  • remove any apparent stains, especially molds and mildews in tile grout and drains
  • clean the mirror, scrub the floor, hang fresh towels
  • clear the counters and shelves

  • again, promote anything in the bathroom that is a nice feature

    view our bathroom area
    for ideas
    links to our home improvement center

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Home Warranty Provision

Buyers would like to have some "guarantee" that what they are buying will "function" after they move in.

We are talking about the heating/cooling units, plumbing, electrical, built-in appliances, etc. The buyer's biggest fear is having the entire heating unit, for example, replaced after closing on the home.

You may want to attach a Home Warranty Provision, which can minimize the fears buyers inherently hold when purchasing home.


A home warranty protects the buyer against costly repairs for one full year after the sale.

The warranty usually covers the plumbing, electrical, built-in appliances, heating and air conditioning units.

Sellers are not obligated to offer a home warranty. But buyers are recommended by many agents and others to make it part of the contract. So be prepared to offer a home warranty provision to the contract if needed.


List of home warranty companies to consider:

American Home Shield:
Home Warranty of America:

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What is the Home Worth?

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