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Budget for Home Selling - Buying

budgeting tips
Selling a home costs money - usually the costs will come out the sales price of your home. But you need another place to live. So it is a good idea to establish a budget plan to maintain costs and build the reserves needed for your next move.


Our Budgeting Planning Tips:

Start with a Monthly Spending Plan
learn about:

  • developing a spending plan
  • why budget
  • what's in the budget
  • setting financial goals

tools: quick review of budget planning

download FREE this budget planning worksheet: click here


Build Up Your Credit Score
check and build up your credit to ensure low credit costs when it's time to finance your next home purchase

tools: get your FREE credit report for review


Understand How Best to Finance
When you are ready to start your next home search or home building, understand how best to finance your home

  • understand best financing option for your home purchase needs
  • understand how bridge loans work when selling and buying at the same time

step7: about bridge loans


Build Up Rebate Points
as you shop for home selling supplies, listing services, agent services, housing supplies, food, clothes, etc., use a rebate credit card instead of cash to build up points for your next down payment

tools: view saving rebate card programs


Calculate Your Numbers
Run some numbers to calculate how much you can afford and your qualifying ratios

  • calculate monthly payment, affordability amount, debt ratios and more

calc: link to our loan calculators


Lower Monthly Bills
Expense reductions strategies to lower housing, living costs, transportation, family care and more:

tools: "lowering your bills" guide


Watch Your Rates
Keep your eye open for rates. They change daily. If rates decline, you might be able to afford your home purchase:


Need to Finance Now
Are you looking to buy your next home now:

  • discuss with your lender about "bridge" loans that can help you transition over to your new home

step7: bridge-loans.html

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